Privacy Policy

1 Privacy policy InnovationGUIDE’s Website

This privacy policy refers to how the InnovationGUIDE project website visitors’ personal data will be processed by FEUGA and that is collected through the website is processed in accordance with the privacy regulations stated. When a visitor accepts to use this Service then agrees to the collection and use of information in relation to this Policy. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. These conditions may be modified without notice, so their periodic consultation is recommended.

2 Owner identity contact details

Personal data will be processed by InnovationGUIDE consortium partners who will take appropriate measures to prevent loss, unauthorized access and modification and unwanted disclosure.

3 Conditions of access and use

Access to the website is free and attributes the condition of User to whoever does it, who will be able to access the contents or even contact its administrators.

The user must therefore read, understand and accept the present conditions of use before proceeding to the navigation and/or use of the services, which will mean his express acceptance and adhesion to them in the terms and conditions that are expressed below: i) Commitment to the diligent use of the resources, in strict compliance with current legislation, with respect for good customs and the “netiquette”, that is to say, the set of rules of general behaviour on the Internet; ii) The user will accept the terms and conditions or bases of participation of a specific service or resource when these are necessary, which will be explicitly required where applicable and; iii) You may not use the website outside the terms accepted by these conditions of use, specifically for illicit purposes, contrary to morality or public order in any of its expressions, or constituting a crime.

Similarly, if comments or entries of opinions are allowed, the Owner will not be responsible in any case for the opinions expressed by third parties, but reserves the right to withdraw or even not publish those that are offensive or inappropriate or, failing that, when it had effective knowledge of the content of the published.

4 Privacy Policies of other project related sites

InnovationGUIDE project website uses social media buttons in order to facilitate your interaction with your connections therefore we informed you that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the destination websites integrated on the InnovationGUIDE project website and that you should also review their Policies before submitting any personal information to them. We are not responsible for the content and security on these websites.

5 Consent

By accessing our Service (hosted by Dinagosting), you accept our Privacy Policy and you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy.