Knowledge Center

InnovationGUIDE prioritizes the transfer of knowledge sharing insights into rural innovation ecosystems, common needs, and priorities.

Our objectives include using these results as a basis for further research, co-creating new implementation initiatives, raising awareness among stakeholder ecosystem, and utilizing it to co-create public policies for the improvement of entrepreneurship and rural innovation.

D2.1 Report on Pathways Identification in Case Studies

This delivarable includes information about the relevant “innovation leaders” and “strong innovators” and the
conclusion drawn from them

D2.2 Stakeholder and Context Mapping with Thematic Networks Visual Map

This deliverable includes information about all the stakeholders identified and their interconnections and a visual
interactive map of existing innovation hubs in the thematic areas of agriculture, fisheries, bioeconomy and sustainable

D3.1 Common Problems and Needs: A transdisciplinary framework

Report covering the transdisciplinary framework (desk and stakeholder interaction) for situating and listing the common problems and needs for regions and sectors.

D5.2 Gender-Responsive Policies Identification

Report addressing needs, challenges, and priorities regarding gender responsive actions within the rural innovation