InnovationGUIDE is dedicated to fostering connections within rural innovation ecosystems across various sectors including agriculture, fisheries, sustainable tourism, and bioeconomy fields.

InnovationGUIDE follows the Q-helix model of innovation. Therefore, the stakeholders involved our project include government, industry, universities and research organisations, citizens, NGOs, labour unions, and others to promote more growth-oriented perspectives.

🤝 International Network: By becoming a member, you’ll be part of an international network that brings together diverse stakeholders facing similar rural innovation challenges. This network provides a platform for sharing solutions and best practices based on shared experiences.

💡 Insights into Entrepreneurship: Gain valuable insights into rural entrepreneurship by accessing contacts within our network and other key actors identified at the European level. Connect with various ecosystems, explore funding opportunities, and learn about addressing gender perspectives in rural innovation.

📆 Stay Informed: Stay updated on project activities, including European regional workshops tailored to address specific needs, and an interregional workshop involving all countries within our network. Be at the forefront of rural innovation initiatives!